Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Win a wedding challenge...

Hurrah! We got engaged!

Now begins my super-exciting wedding planning on a budget, and if I can DIY it I will. My absolute dream is to win as much as possible, or at least haggle everything down. This may sound like a pipe-dream, but  low and behold, I've just had an email to say we're shortlisted to win our wedding photography! Amazing!

It was all down to my ever-swelling Pinterest board where most of my wedding planning is manifesting it's crazy little self (along with a few other boards, who can have just one?!)

So far, and only 4 weeks in, we've booked the venue, The Manor Barn in Buriton (just beautiful!), set the date, booked the registrar, the band and (oops) the photographer. This is a different photographer so I feel awful, but we haven't won yet so we may still keep her!

Eeeeek, how exciting!

Many and more of my wedding DIY escapades will be making there way on here in the not-so distant future!

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