Wednesday, 28 May 2014

New hobby: Comping!

I recently started comping - the hobby of regularly entering competitions - on the basis that "you don't win if you don't enter" and guess what, it's paid off!

I started in mid-late April and after 2 days had won tickets to a cinema screening [although annoyingly couldn't attend] and on my birthday in early May I received an email telling me I'd won £201.50 worth of meat! And here it is:

This is now officially my favourite hobby! Saying that, I've been so busy at work recently I haven't had the time to enter many more [it can get VERY time consuming], so I think I'll take it up again once we've got through this lot... Mmmm, meat.

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Saturday, 3 May 2014

DIY IKEA Expedit seat cushion

Today I finished one of the items on my Pinterest 'to-do' list, hurrah! I'd seen this done before and wanted to replicate it, however it turns out buying a cut of foam to the full length of IKEA Expedit is EXPENSIVE!

So... I took a shortcut and ordered a garden bench cushion from eBay. It cost around £20 and as a bonus came with a waterproof cover.

I already had an H&M scarf I wanted to use as the top of the seat cushion to give it some personality, so I unpicked the stitching around the cushion cover and re-stitched it with the scarf fabric in place over the top of the waterproof fabric [keeping the waterproof cover means I can use it outside in the summer!]

I had to do a bit of tweaking and cut down the foam as it was a bit wide for the Expedit, and the result is that my cushion is ever so slightly wonky, but we'll call that homemade charm!

The cushion was also a bit shorter than the full length of the Expedit unit, but this worked out great as I now have a surface to put the phone / lamp etc on. So overall, I'm happy with my first attempt. It was a bit rushed and could have turned out neater if I'd had the time, but hey, life's too short!

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