Saturday, 29 March 2014

DIY Fruit [/cake] Stand

I've been meaning to get around to making this fruit stand for ages now... I hate our current fruit bowl and the boyfriend likes to keep all his fruits separate [apparently some fruits ripen other fruits when touching them] so most bowls don't do the job. This is where I thought a cake-stand could work well, with different fruits on each tier. I don't eat a lot of cake, but if I ever have a tea party I can use it for that too!

I bought 3 different sized plates from Ikea [black and white theme going on here], and I had previously bought the stand pieces from eBay for a few £s. The stand isn't the nicest I admit, so I will probably replace it at some point, but it will do for now...

I also had to invest in some special ceramic tile drill bits, which I think I bought from Amazon. They weren't expensive from what I remember, and now if I need to drill through more plates or tiles I'm sorted!
I stuck masking tape down where I was drilling for 3 reasons: it protects the surface and helps to avoid cracks whilst drilling, stops the drill slipping, and gives me a surface to mark the center point on. It's a good idea to do the drilling outside as drilling through the plates creates a lot of dust.

Once I'd drilled the holes [with a piece of spare wood placed behind to avoid drilling through my decking in the garden] I assembled the stand, which took no time at all! Voila, one fruit [/cake] stand... I can't believe I didn't break anything!!!


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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

DIY open terrarium

Hello! Been away a while, getting the house sorted [a never-ending task!] and the sunny weather has made me even more plant-crazed than usual. I finally got around to re-filling my glass dish left over from an earlier post: DIY bottle garden.

The dish is Blomster [£12] and the pebbles are Knaster [75p] from Ikea.

The pebbles create a drainage layer, and cactus compost is a sandy mix so the plants don't get water-logged. I had some succulent and cacti plants left over from my post DIY re-purposed vintage light terrarium and a few other little ones around the house. These types of plant are perfect for an open terrarium as they thrive in dry conditions and don't require constant moisture like ferns and other closed terrarium or bottle garden plants. This also makes them a lot harder to kill! They also don't have very deep roots so are perfect for a decorative arrangement like this in a shallow container...

After loosening up the roots, I arranged them on top of the pebbles and filled the gaps with soil. I like the finished product but think it needs some sand or stones on top to hide the soil. Once I've found something suitable I'll post a picture. In the meantime I'm just going to see if the plants spread out a bit!

I've also bought one of these fun Sky Planters by Boskke [after running out of worktop space!!!] and have put a spider plant in it; when it's grown a bit I'll take some photos...

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