Friday, 10 January 2014

Home, sweet home

As I mentioned in my intro post, I'm in the scary but exciting process of buying a new house. Of course, this means I am also buying a lot of STUFF to go into the new house (much to my boyfriend's chagrin).
I thought I'd give a little preview of some of the items I've picked up so far. We don't have a lot of furniture at the moment as have only rented or lived with parents up until now, so we've bought a sofa-bed (for the inevitable overnight guests). We bit the bullet and went for one from John Lewis (!), with the sound reasoning that quality pays. Time will tell, but we're pretty happy... It arrives the day after we get the keys, which is NEXT FRIDAY.

I also went a bit crazy on design-discount store Achica, and bought a handful of items for the house. They are all completely non-essential items but I just went for it: 

2 candlesticks (necessities in my opinion, for power cuts!). They're DHS Nightlight candle sticks in black and white. RRP £60, but I got them for a teeny £15 each!

a clock (Bloomingville wooden clock, £11.99 down from RRP £39)
and a light pendant (Bloomingville wooden balls lamp £22 from RRP £???)

The clock is larger than I expected and the hands are a little too plasticky, but we'll just have to see how it looks in the finished house. For £12 I can't complain. I can always customise it if it's not ringing any bells. 
Now, the light fitting is a contentious item, that a colleague of mine creased up laughing over. I'm not being naive, I know it could look a bit dodgy to those with the dirtiest of minds, but I personally think that it has a scandinavian charm and looks bang on trend. The chuckling critic in my office obviously hasn't been perusing all the interior design blogs that I spend most of my life drooling over... I will concede to the fact that it is definitely a 'marmite' item! Here's hoping my boyfriend loves not hates it. 

If he does hate it I will just have to fill my new decanter with wine and drown my sorrows! (Iittala decanter bought at 50% off from Fab before it updated its website)

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