Monday, 13 January 2014

Green thumbs

Why do I love succulents you ask? Because they're bloody hard to kill that's why!

I don't have a very good track record at keeping plants alive but succulents and cacti are so hardy even a seasoned plant killer like me can keep them. I've just invested in some new baby plants, bought as a job lot on eBay, sent from Poland of all places. They arrived wrapped in tissue paper and ready to plant. I was pleased with the quality of the plants seeing as they'd travelled across the waters with, well, no water, or soil for that matter. But I'm really on the look out for some more colourful specimens. I used to own a lovely little purple one from Ikea until my sister threw it in the bin. I never really got over the loss...

Anyway. For extra measure I bought some cactus soil and rooting powder. You can never be too careful. Well, I can't anyway...

Here's how I got on with stage one. Repotting. 

Next stage is to grow my baby plants a little bigger and repot them in something fun. I may even try propagating more baby plants from cuttings once I've proved myself worthy of keeping these ones alive!!!

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